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EOBOT – Wallet, Mining, Mining Pool & Faucet


This is my second go at a review of this site.

I really didn’t have any idea what it did until I really went into it – basically it allows you to build up ANY of these currencies by:-

  • Mining your self (my home rig is now pumping etherium) – it’s fantastic I can just change the currency that I’m mining by clicking on  a menu. I’m awaiting new miners today so this is pretty exciting
  • Renting space from them
  • Using the Faucet once a day (which actually has pretty good payouts)
  • Referrals

For my home mining rig it’s amazing because it diversifies, so every 10 minutes it will automatically mine different coins, so I can build up a huge portfolio of coins!


This one has been around at least 2 years so I really do think it’s worth getting an account.

Good job guys.

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