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Mining Price Comparison – prepared to be shocked!

I thought for fun I would do some pricing comparisons with 4 mining sites that I use.

  Hashflare Eobot Genesis Splitimining
Price for 2000GH $240 $500 $300 $190
Contract Length Lifetime 5 YEARS Lifetime Lifetime

Shocking isn’t it!

Ok – Before we start going wow look at EOBOT’s price, they do have features the others do not have, for example, you can randomly mine different coins and even increase your hashing power (mine hashing power?). This means for 2000GH the average price is $307.00 which works out at $0.15 per GH. Splititmining comes out the best but as I always advise, spread your risk over different platforms, don’t have a massive mining power in one place, remember that prices rise and fall depending on hardware, electricity and cost of maintenance. 

The good news is that all these sites make a good investment and you WILL see ROI eventually. To start with they are just generating income from what you’ve put in (and to be honest you won’t live on the returns from 2TH!).

Out of all of them EOBOT wins in terms of interface and additional features, plus I can plug my own mining pool into it. But at a price. Splititmining wins in terms of cost, and support wise they are fantastic. So if you want to get started I’d get going with Splititmining and then add the others in afterwards.


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