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Mining Update

Invest in yourself FIRST


I thought I would explain about my different mining investments.

I don’t invest all in the same place because that would be foolish so I build them up investing in one place each month, running mining for a while and then doing a test withdraw to make sure it’s as legitimate, this reduces my risk


(details here)

This is making me about 10% profit per month *BUT* I am reinvesting most of it, most of the time I’ll do a withdrawal once a month, the support is great. By the end of 2018 I’ll have some huge mining account so I’m just letting it roll, re-invest, re-invest.

Home Mining Pool

I live on a boat and it’s solar powered, it’s only making about 500 sitoshis a day but it’s free money thanks to the sun, I will be expanding this rig soon but I need to move things around and get a Rasperry PI so I can put the mining pool in the engine room (it’s quite noisy and it would help the engine keep warm in the winter).

Hexocoins and Genesis

These are too early to report on but watch this space for more news, both look very exciting and Genesis mining looks VERY reliable. Hexocoins you buy into Hexocoins using Bitcoin and pull out. The interface is just beautiful.



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