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Mining Update

So I’m excited to report my mining hash rate has been steadily increasing, at the moment I’ve just been generating more hash power with mining for 3 of the sites and I’ve got my home rig plugged into for a while.


This site I’ve got 3407 GH, I did put in a small investment and I’m just letting it build up. I will start mining Bitcoins when I get up to 10000 GH. Which will be next week because I’ll probably boost it up to that.



I’ve been enjoying withdrawals from this one but have built up good hash power again target 10000 GH.

I have taken a few payments from this as it generates Bitcoin THEN re-invests it. Where as the others just generate hashing power.



Well I was running my home mining rig through this so I’ve collected some hash power but it’s TEENY, and a collection of coin, including alt-coins so I’m letting it mine hashing power itself for a while but it might be a while before I see some serious GH out of it.

My small mining rig is running this – nothing to sing about it makes a few Sitoshis a day.




Genesis Mining

Slow and boring, made an investment into this, pays out, slowly. It’s so slow I almost forgot to put it in ! 🙂




Going ok – building up hash power at the moment and soon I’ll be mining properly! Mind you with the increase in Bitcoin price this could all become very very profitable!.

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