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Splitit Mining Expands Mining rigs

Splitit mining report that they have expanded their mining rigs to give further capacity. The China based mining group are offering some special offers and free hashing space for anyone wanting to get started in mining Bitcoin.


  1. Jenny Fletcher Jenny Fletcher May 3, 2017

    Are the fees mentioned on the site per calendar month, annual or one off? As it says the contract is lifetime, are you then obligated to pay it forever?

    • admin admin Post author | May 3, 2017

      Hi Jenny

      The fees are taken out of the mining profits – so if you mine they take a small fee from it. So you don’t pay a monthly or yearly fee or anything.

      If you don’t mine anything, you don’t pay 🙂


      • Jenny Fletcher Jenny Fletcher May 3, 2017

        I’m referring to the $10 or $95 amount referred to on the pricing page, not the fees referred to underneath each of the pricing brackets (eg. Fee: USD 0.0001/GH/s) For instance, how much would you reasonably expect to make from your 14 day free trial? It really is unclear and your review would be better for stating clearly how much people will be paying out . If it is a one-off setup fee then it should be on the site on the pricing page or at the very least in the FAQ. The FAQ incidentally doesn’t explain what a GH is, what a mining pool is or anything that would help a would-be investor. If you have other posts that talk about these basic terms, it would he helpful to link to them.

        • admin admin Post author | May 3, 2017

          Good idea, I’ll write a “glossary” of what these terms mean over the next couple of days.

          Probably best to email – you’ll see how fast they email you back!

          To be honest with you all coin mining is long term, the 14 day trial simply allows you to investigate the site and to see things working.

  2. Demi Demi June 5, 2017

    Hi Jenny and admin,

    Splitit mining have shutdown their servers and many people, including myself have lost a lot of coin. They seem to have just run away. Can you please advise? Thanks

    Kind regards

    • Paul C Paul C Post author | June 6, 2017

      Hi Demi

      Check out my latest blog post 🙂

  3. Eric Eric June 19, 2017

    I too have lost a lot of invested bitcoin with Split it Mining….. more like split it and run :/

    • Paul C Paul C Post author | June 20, 2017

      I hear you my friend, they looked genuine as well and were paying out for a long time. Sneaky.

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