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Splititmining add new calculator.

This is my favourite Bitcoin site at the moment (apart from this one of course, but I’m biased). So Splititmining heard the cries of people like me trying to work out ROI and have introduced a calculator so you can work out your profit levels. Now, the first thing you might notice is that they are not like the wild claims of the “Double your money in 10 minutes” sites, this site has been going since 2012 and they are a real mining establishment (unlike what some have said about them). The figures do tie up to outside mining calculators.

So the first one calculates your rate of return if you don’t auto-reinvest the profits.

Now by clicking the “REINVEST DISABLED” Switch you get a whole different picture, basically starting from that point and allowing the mining pool to re-invest your profits into buying more GHS (processing power) you can build your account up.

Personally I will be adding funds to it AND leaving re-invest enabled, I’m looking to build up the hashing power. Here’s the chart.

Ofcourse at any point I can take profits out – for instance when I was testing the system I had reinvest enabled but still withdrew from the system. So I can have the best of both worlds!

They offer 50GH free but I do recommend upgrading. The tech support via email is very fast.

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