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The Flashiest Bitcoin Mine around FREE 100GH mining power!


So Vix Ice, which looks quite amazing! Is another mining site, however, something is a little bit surprising and that is the cost of GH is very very low. 20000 GH on any other site would be ten times that cost! This makes me pretty suspicious, but that user interface with it’s flashing graphics looks pretty good.

I’m going to invest in this site a little bit and see if it’s ok – I’ve heard people saying they are getting payouts, but with cryptocurrency, it may LOOK LIKE  a duck but it could be a piglet.

They are giving away free GH but it’s only 100 which will not really earn you that much.

Now – very important, when you get your free GH you need to install the power.


So drag the Installed power slider and you’ll be off.  I suggest you put it on GH/s to start with so that you build up your hashing power then after a while go ahead and move it to BTC … have fun!


5th May update

Ok I made a teeny 0.001 deposit and bought some more GHZ upgrading to 200ghz which is pretty teen so I’m going leave it mining Bitcoins today and see how we get on. Incidentally if you have a free account mine GH because you won’t make much  with 100GH it’s nothing.  I’m just mining Bitcoins today then I’ll “mine” gh tomorrow, however, EOBOT has this function and I’m not sure quite how it works, I think in effect you are always mining Bitcoins and they  just convert it to GH so it’s like “reinvest” mode.

Which makes me think that the whole thing is based on Bitcoins and just converted as requested.

Just for fun…


The servers are cloud hosting in France. So if the mine is in china they are REALLY protecting them selves by hosting in a different company.


4th June 2017

First payout! They are paying. But who knows how long for.





  1. Manu Manu June 4, 2017

    The most explicit scam site. Please withdraw your funda asap. Legit sites are only a handful And they are not that profitable e.g. Génesis Mining, Eobot, MineRgate ” the r between”, ViaBTC, Hashflare and maybe no more.

    • Paul C Paul C Post author | June 4, 2017

      I agree it’s more than likely a scam. Paying at the moment but I doubt it will for long. Sure, sign up for the free 100GH and let it build up (what have you got to lose!). I think definite the genuine ones are pretty flipping slow.

  2. Ben Gresham Ben Gresham June 11, 2017

    It’s a scam period!!!

    • Paul C Paul C Post author | June 12, 2017

      Still paying here but I fear you are right and at some point it will die.

  3. Peteri Peteri June 29, 2017

    Looks like a Metizer with a new design.
    Metizer is gone and lasted just a few weeks

    • Paul C Paul C Post author | June 30, 2017

      Yeah it’s been around a while, it’s still paying out which I’m surprised about to be honest.

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