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Why I use 4 mining sites instead of one.

One of the lovely people within Wealthy Affiliate (people you HAVE TO TRY IT it’s amazing) who look after and host this website and provide me with the support I need to run my online business asked a really good question.

I have read that Bitcoins are getting more and more popular so your blog is very relevant. I read through several of your posts and it is obvious you have a good knowledge about this system and ways to make money with it. After first time reading it was not very clear to me what is bitcoin mining, but I will read a few times more and definitely bookmark your blog for future. Why are you using two platforms for mining? Isn’t it enough with one?

Okay the reason I use 4 sites (one of them is connected to my teeny home mining rig), Genesis Mining, Splitit Mining, EOBOT and VIXICE (which I think is a scam!) is simply to spread risk. Bitcoins are unregulated, so that means any of these sites could be a scam, even though with the 3 (apart from VIXICE which is in testing), there are no scam complaints and I have withdrawn Bitcoin (or I know someone who has!), they have great support, but still, these mines are an attractive target for hackers and governments!

So with everything to do with Bitcoins, my recommendation is spread the risk, small investments in different places will mean anything going wrong would be covered by the investments in things that are ok.

Hope that helps and thanks for the question!



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