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Book Review – The Future of Money? By Dominic Friday.

This book basically covers the history of Bitcoin and allows anyone to understand more of what Bitcoin actually is. Even now in 2017 it’s relevant and really useful. If you are interested in working with Bitcoin, this book is a must.

“Read it and glimpse into the future.” (Sir Richard Branson)

“The book’s outstanding, but the story it tells is even better.” (Matt Ridley The Times)

“Dominic Frisby has gone and done something extraordinary: written a page-turner on the economy.” (James Harding, BBC Director of News and Current Affairs)

“A brilliant book – it will do more good than all my speeches in parliament.” (Steve Baker, MP)

“I liked it” – Paul, UK Bitcoin Blog

Dominic Frisby has an interesting name and a very interesting book.

It’s available on Kindle as well as Printed Version Here.

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