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10 Reasons why Bitcoin is better than Fiat Currency

  1. You own your money
  2. There are only so many Bitcoins so supply and demand are managed, hence, those who think there is a Bitcoin bubble are applying the rules of Fiat currency to something that is completely different
  3. Bitcoin is not based on debt or loans
  4. Bitcoin is controlled by all of us not an elite group of people
  5. You can see exactly where your money is in the blockchain, unlike my bank who recently lost nearly a whole Bitcoin when I transferred money from one bank account to the other in the same bank
  6. The Blockchain has never been hacked, despite a huge bounty being placed for anyone who could have it, unlike Banks who are hacked regularly
  7. Bitcoins can be used anywhere in the world without transferring or converting it to something else
  8. You don’t get robbed by the Bank when you use Bitcoins
  9. You can have many Bitcoin wallets with different features, having lots of bank accounts is just tedious
  10. Your money is your Business! and although others get involved in processing the transactions they don’t generally know who you are

Yay Bitcoins.

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