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Another Bitcoin Scam


This one is SO BASIC I actually took their HTML page and put it on my own page! Absolutely mad. The whole thing is so badly done that just a simple view of the source code of the page will tell you it’s  a scam. They simply give you an address to pay for!

Anyway check out my FAKE version of the page, if you send it any money expect NOTHING back. I literally copied their source code and put it an HTML file, even images are not theirs.

The domain name has not disclosed (normally a good sign it’s a scam!)

Visit for webbased whois.
Name: Consulting Service Sp. z o.o.
Organisation: Consulting Service Sp. z o.o.
Language: en
Phone: +48.228538888
Fax: +48.228538885

SO it’s hosted in Poland. There you go – anyway just for fun check out my copied version of there website (PLEASE DO NOT SEND MONEY)

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