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Bitcoin Generator Scam! another one.

Another scammy Bitcoin Hacking script has appeared

It’s the usual game, put in your Bitcoin address, wait for the animation then you have to pay them the transaction fee.

I can GUARANTEE you will see no Bitcoin. They have my address. If it’s genuine they can send me the 0.5 they generated and I’ll post it here. Otherwise steer well clear.




  1. EvheniiEvhenii December 5, 2017

    Here is a free generator bitcoin (REMOVED BY ADMIN)

    Please see our Media Page for Advertising rates. However – we’re pretty sure your page is a scam so we probably wouldn’t take money from you.

  2. ScammedScammed March 5, 2018

    I mined twice 1.5bitcoin and paid the mining fee but I haven’t received anything .Ha…how could Bitcoin ever work with the mainstream when there are such sites putting people off .

    • UK Bitcoinblog.comUK Post author | March 5, 2018

      Yeah in all of life if it looks to good to be true, it probably is.

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