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Bitcoins for nothing? Bitcoin Invite advertising scam.

I’m confused by this one.

Just by referring bitcoin addresses they will pay you?

Well, I’m testing this now but I need 5 volunteers who want free Bitcoin – I can’t guarantee you will get anything but for free it’s worth a go. There must be a catch to it I just can’t see what it is as there is no requirement for payment, email address, login or anything.

What’s very odd is they cant spell inviting, invinting? what is invinting?

I’m monitoring this and will report here if I receive the Bitcoins. Note – don’t forget to bookmark the page! It must be a scam I just can’t work out how yet. The domain was registered on the 13th of this Month. So if it’s someone just fed up with Bitcoins who is giving them away, who knows.


Thanks to all who tried it! So it’s an advertising scam. There’s nothing for nothing, so you have to complete an offer to get your money.

So I completed the Offer.

At the end of the offer, it was strangely silent. So let’s see if the BTC turns up.

(I don’t hold out much hope, to be honest)

Okay – it’s one of those advertising scams, you keep completing tasks but never get paid.


If you’re looking for something genuine I think Genesis Mining and Powerhouse are worth checking out.



  1. troy troy November 14, 2017

    dont know about a scam but im earning bitcoin easily!

    • Paul C Paul C Post author | November 14, 2017

      I Invested 0.1 BTC in it – didn’t get it back, just a long list of pending payouts. It’s a scam trust me, it’s a honeypot scam where they pay you out but you’ll never get more than you put in.

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