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Bitluis – Scam of the Week

The first clue this site is a scam is the phone number. The area code is 01632 which is a fake number reserved for film and TV, if you phone it, I doubt you’ll get anything, the second clue is the address and limited company. Sadly these London addresses are just postboxes that will disappear as quick as they arrive once they run off with your Bitcoin.

So anyway the Limited Company has a director and apparently he lives in Mortlake, down the road from me, I doubt however that any of this is real. Sure, they have a Limited company but I expect the owner is fake.

I can guarantee that even if it’s paying now it’s  a scam that will disappear as fast as it has shown up. It’s only been online since May 10th! They have a Google Plus account for when you lose your money! If anyone from Bitcoin Luis want’s to get in touch that would be great fun, but trust me, they don’t even have a real phone number, STEER CLEAR!

If you lookup Kyle’s address on Google maps you’ll find a small terraced house, hardly the abode of a millionaire investor.!




  1. RoseRose October 23, 2017

    Hi Paul

    Love the website. It’s a real eye opener for bitcoin newbies like me. I’ve just registered for a Eobot account after spending time on this site. Your comment on WA was what brought me here.

    I have another bitcoin account with a UK based site called Have you heard of it? I’d be interested to get you’re thoughts on it.

    • Paul CPaul C Post author | October 23, 2017

      Hi Rose thanks for your message 🙂 I’ll check out Power house mining and write a post shortly 🙂

    • Paul CPaul C Post author | October 24, 2017

      Hi Rose – I went ahead and tested and signed up with it. Looks like a winner to me. Also – don’t forget whenever you mention it to include your affiliate link rather than the plain URL. 🙂

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