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BTC Grabber Software – It’s a scam (no real surprise)

Boasting a half built website with a contact form that goes nowhere, BTC Grabber really is not worth you even downloading! The software claims to send you Bitcoins every day by hacking into people’s accounts.

Actually, it does nothing of the sort, it’s a complete waste of time (as I thought).

Oh and don’t bother trying to get the free version by referring two people, there is no referral structure or software there, it just simply generates a link with your email in! Good job!

Knowing what I know about the way the blockchain works it would be nearly impossible to do this sort of exploit. Someone must have spent at least 1/2 hour building an interface that doesn’t really do anything.

When you click on “GENERATE ADDRESSES” it populates a list with the addresses, obviously pre-loaded from some web page because they never change, then you Right click the line and click SEND and it says it’s sent.

What it’s actually done is absolutely nothing. Lights and graphics but no Bitcoins, what a surprise!

The address on the website is somewhere in America even though the map shows  Germany. They must think people are basically stupid!

If you want it here’s the download link don’t waste your money on it. I expect they think no one will complain because they think they are doing something illegal, but since it doesn’t do anything they are not, oh and as Bitcoin is completely unregulated, who cares?

What a complete waste of time.


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