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BTC Journey – It’s a scam

Ok so a friend of mine introduced me to BTC Journey, it’s a lot like Empire Miners where you buy options. and invest in it, this one is in testing but they say you can withdraw as soon as it goes over $1 !

The only thing to know is to click on your username to set your account up when you get in there, otherwise the things you purchased won’t make any money and just sit there!

Anyway this one is in testing, there’s no referrals which is interesting because I’m not quite sure how they get new people.

Oh and those cows follow you round the room. Here’s the link.


Get to this screen, leave it open on your browser. You need to hit buttons to make it carry on earning, no biggy if it makes money.

In testing will update shortly.


Ok so I did two small test withdrawals and all I’ve got is… a pair of emails! However no surprise there as the site is running on WordPress!


The thing is, I don’t really want them to contact me, just to pop the Bitcoins through so I can tell you it isn’t a scam!… we shall see… perhaps I’ll have to perform a song for them to get paid?

Ah wait – should have read the FAQ

Ah ok – 24 hours for the first payment, terrible typos though, instanly? firts?

However if the money turns up who cares? — is this the first site we’ve actually got paid from? (apart from the mining sites which pay).

Interesting that I have worked out how they make money. I reckon most people are not able to stay on their profile page and carry out the cash out facility quick enough. So that means that by the end of the time they will not have been ABLE to withdraw the maximum possible earnings.  Unlike me who is constantly attached to something that allows me to process it.

Okay so it was D-Day today for the first payment, instead I got this pretty annoying email

Immediately replied with the another address and updated the website, but wait, 48 hours till they will pay? what? here we go again?

and about 10 minutes later some tempting special offers…

To be honest I think I’ll wait till I get the first payment before trying another one bigger…hmmm…

Incidentally I’m now up to $177.00 in withdrawals, I just read the FAQ again and basically you are supposed to have a new Bitcoin address for every withdrawal. So I’ll see what turns up today but obviously they want to make it as difficult as possible to withdraw money.

STILL not received anything yet – however it’s not 48 hours since I changed my address. I used blockchain to just generate another address.

I’ll update you all later but I would imagine it’s a scam and they won’t pay, but you never know! 🙂

So Quick Rules so far

  1. Change your Bitcoin Address before every withdrawal (just generate a new one in Blockchain)
  2. Withdraw a bunch at once, maybe once a week so once you’ve had that through (if it ever turns up) you change the address for the next one.
  3. Keep your account page open so you can restart the processing when your “things” expire.

I think this system works by simply blinding people with science, so lets see what we get in terms of actual payment from them.

This is turning into a REAL journey! 🙁

So let’s wait till tomorrow and see if any coin turns up..

Next Day.

Okay I emailed them this morning and got this reply…

Not quite sure why they use caps all the time – or in fact why it takes 24 hours … mind you if they have a backlog of payments I guess. If I get the money I will be very happy! 🙂 And re-invest some of it.

Update – 9th May

It’s a non-paying scam sorry folks even though their support is responding and the website is still up…

I’ll update you all if we see any money from them but I’m not holding my breath…..


No money ever arrived (surprise surprise) the site is now down….some sort of problem with suspenders…see ya!




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