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Bytether – the new Bitcoin? (Etherium).

Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency and well-known for having problems with scalability, although there is hope that the Segwit will hopefully at least go some way to dealing with that. There are various approaches to solve Bitcoin problems such as fork into Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold and the cancelled Segwit2x Bitcoin2x but Bytether is different.

Bytether ( is born to solve the problem with Ethereum blockchain technology. Bytether team let Ethereum solve the scalable issue so that we can focus on solving other problem like payment.

What is Bytether?

Bytether (pronounce as byte-ther) is a 1:1 cross-fork of the Bitcoin blockchain onto the Ethereum network at block 478,558 (Same as Bitcoin Cash). Any Bitcoin holder who has 1 BTC at block 478,558 can claim for 1 BTH(Bytether). So basically that means you have to look at your Bitcoin and see what block it is in ( you can do that here) – if it’s at that one (which is quite a long time ago), you can claim Bytether.

Bytether’s sole focus is building a greater payment ecosystem. As an ERC20 token, Bytether takes all advantages of Ethereum blockchain technology with faster transaction time and cheaper transaction fee while maintaining currency characteristics of Bitcoin.

Here’s a comparison chart that the guys from Bytether sent me which does make the picture much clearer.

Anyway, give it a visit it looks really good – look at the cost and speed of the blocks, let alone the fact it’s in Etherium so it can do smart contracts.


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