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CryptoClub – In testing

So this is pretty interesting, they give you $10 of “mining” money you can buy mining with that will make you $0.3 a day! So in 0 days you are in profit. Technically because you’ve not spent any money!

Bit of a shame their payment system doesn’t work 🙁

Probably going to invest something in this to see what it does and if they do pay out.

This is a great programme if it pays out! 🙂 Really nice dashboard as well.

May 5th Update 

Ok I’ve made a bit (which is nice) but the minimum withdrawal is $100 USD, luckily I’m patient. But I have to go in every day and re-invest the $10 they gave me plus $3 I got from a referral, I’m gradually building this one up at no cost to me, which is always pleasing.


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  1. AlvinAlvin July 21, 2017

    Hi can you give a list or suggestive websites that are legit to earn bitcoin or money? Have you tried bitcoFarm?

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