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Digital Artists Online Earn Bitcoins for reading books, watching videos (etc)


I’m doing a bit of a series here on things where you can earn Bitcoins for completing tasks and this is one of my favourites. Play games, get paid, watch videos get paid.

You simply complete tasks and get paid, not a lot, but if you find something that you like to do why not earn Bitcoins for it!



  1. SOUNDSNIMA SOUNDSNIMA October 31, 2017

    BEWARE EVERYONE!!!!!!! this website is a scammer. don’t waste your time on this fraud. i lost 2weeks and only 38K satoshi in here after 2 weeks. they made my account to zero balance just before the cash out date while i had arranged it few days before and it was set. after i contacted them here they say i used vpn or automated claim service. the question is how all these only made me 38K YOU DUMB????? and how that 21k you had agreed to cash out sissapeared? last proof is they blocked me from sending messages or reply. SO BWARENOT TO LOSE TIME AND MONEY WITH THEM

    • Paul C Paul C Post author | October 31, 2017

      Thanks for the Info.

      This is quite an old post! Generally in the world of Bitcoin, things that are free rarely are. I think also since the price of Bitcoin has really got high in terms of transfer costs, the smaller faucets either close down or just can’t send out the Satoshi because of the cost involved.

      Thanks for the INfo !

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