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Exodus upgrade and a really good feeling.

OK, so for my first month or so of learning about Bitcoin I “invested” in things that were frankly scams and did not pay out! (you can see them here, Bitminer and all of those terrible things). Today however I’ve got a pretty good feeling as my Exodus wallet made that lovely kerching sound as Genesis Mining paid, Splititmining although they had problems with their site which is ongoing (and as a computer programmer I have diagnosed it for them!), they are still paying out so I’m expecting some more from them a bit later today.

It’s so nice that some of my investments are paying. My home mining pool is quietly generating a teeny income but it’s more that I’m “in the game”. Ofcourse I live on a boat so my pool is literally in a “pool” of water.

It’s been quite a steep learning curve to be honest, but onwards and upwards, I can see the Bitcoin wallet building up nicely, I’m planning now to hold as much as I can in Bitcoin as well as have my mining pools generate it. I will, if I need to use BTC for essentials like food using my Spectrocoin card (recommended!).

I quite like the look of two pools at the moment, remember I split my investments across different pools and it’s investing day tomorrow. I invest a tiny amount each month in mining mainly and then go from there. At first it was quite hard because I felt like I would never get anywhere but now I’m starting to see some returns it’s a pretty good feeling.

Unless you are just holding coin don’t expect it to be easy. Follow what I tell you on this site and you will save yourself from a lot of scams (hopefully all of them!).

My VIXICE hashing is building up nicely, I’m aiming to get it to around 10000 GHZ before I let it mine coin. (yes that’s my actual hash power in the image).

Remember – High Risk, low investment, it’s better to spread it over a number of sites so that the ones that fail don’t kill you.

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