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Feeling the Love with Splititmining (and a little from Genesis).

When I first started on this Bitcoin route I got scammed, mainly by, but now I’m starting to FEEL THE LOVE, I’ve managed over the last 2 months to build up 2700 GHS in Splitit mining and every payment comes pretty quick! I’m actually watching money in my account going up in value just by holding it there. In fact my friend gave a donation to me in Bitcoin the other day for Pizza for the band I’m in (Mandolin Monday) and it’s already going up in value, only 0.005 but still.

Guys this thing works, and if Bitcoin falls in value, I don’t really mind!, because 1 Bitcoin is worth 1 Bitcoin until you sell it, then it’s worth what you can sell it for. Now, what is going on with Bitcoin? In my view it’s simply finding a price, it will drop and go up but I can’t see it stopping going up with countries like India and Japan getting excited about Bitcoin, without private companies and banks looking into using the Blockchain technology.

Mining pools are SELLING OUT OF CONTRACTS, Splitit are saying that when Bitcoin gets to $2500 they will STOP SELLING MINING POWER because it will become more profitable to mine!


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