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In the financial press there is a lot of talk today about Bitcoin’s crashing. I’ve said before I don’t think it will happen. But why?

  • Bitcoins are not traditional currency, it is not affected by traditional currency rules
  • Bitcoins are not owned by one country so are not so affected by fundamental news

The main reason!


There is a lot of demand for Bitcoins and guess what, a limited supply, this creates a market of increasing prices!

What would crash Bitcoins?

  • The blockchain being hacked – not done yet even with a huge bounty
  • Governments making it illegal – been tried – more governments are embracing Bitcoin in fact
  • A big exchange crash – I think we are through this now.
  • Any devaluation of Bitcoins – sometimes we get dips when someone major SAYS something negative, but this will bounce back as it is not really a market affecting “thing”

I’m excited, I’m mining and holding Bitcoins!

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