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In the financial press there is a lot of talk today about Bitcoin’s crashing. I’ve said before I don’t think it will happen. But why?

  • Bitcoins are not traditional currency, it is not affected by traditional currency rules
  • Bitcoins are not owned by one country so are not so affected by fundamental news

The main reason!


There is a lot of demand for Bitcoins and guess what, a limited supply, this creates a market of increasing prices!

What would crash Bitcoins?

  • The blockchain being hacked – not done yet even with a huge bounty
  • Governments making it illegal – been tried – more governments are embracing Bitcoin in fact
  • A big exchange crash – I think we are through this now.
  • Any devaluation of Bitcoins – sometimes we get dips when someone major SAYS something negative, but this will bounce back as it is not really a market affecting “thing”

I’m excited, I’m mining and holding Bitcoins!

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  1. Andrew MillerAndrew Miller October 30, 2017

    I prefer Monero’s myself but I agree with you Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not in any way bound by the laws of any country or the traditional money. That makes it flexible and very easy to track and account for.


    Thanks for the comment – if you want to promote something please choose a Media package from the Media page and then contact me with a donation offer 🙂

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