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GUNBOT Incredible Crypto Trading Bot.

Every now and then I come across something that is not only interesting but very clever and intuitive, something that is really worth taking notice of. Basically GUNBOT is a Cryptocurrency trading system that you run on your local machine, it uses the API (like a connector) into your favourite broker and uses the incredible TradingView chart Library.

Firstly I can tell you that any application like this is not something that has been developed in 5 minutes. The Tradingview API they are using I know from personal experience is not something you can just get easily, you have to apply for it, when I did I was asked quite a few questions about the project I was developing. They have built one of the most ingenious tools for making money on the Crypto broker markets for some time.

Getting Started

You will need a basic understanding of technical indicators used on market trading platforms but that is a short learning curve as there are literally thousands of sites explaining Bollinger Bands and other indicators used by the system. Setting up merely involves downloading the software and getting a free API key for your Crypto broker’s server (check the one you are using is on their list), as it runs locally you basically are running a small web server and using your browser to access the software.

Does it make money?

Really that’s down to you and how you use it, obviously the backtests (the testing of robots over time) shows profit, but markets move in different ways and what works today may not work in the future.

Hat’s off!

Hat’s off to the developers for a really interesting and innovative piece of software. I like the fact it’s a one time only fee, although it is worth running it on a Virtual Private Server (24/7) as obviously if your computer is switched off or crashes the strategies will not be able to run. I would never run trading software on a local machine, always on a remote server. These are inexpensive and you can find one on the GUNBOT site.

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