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High Bitcoin Charges Reported By Exodus

Exodus wallet has put this very strange message up today about BTC costing a lot of money to send small amounts, this is quite alarming because it means that one of the attractions of Bitcoin (small transaction fees) seems to have gone!

I suspect this will be the same across the whole network so for now I would advise against sending Bitcoin in small amounts if you can avoid it.


  1. rangaswamy Krangaswamy K September 8, 2017

    plz, send me links to the withdrawal of Bitcoin for my earnings and how to work positively

    Thanks regards
    rangaswamy K

    • Paul CPaul C Post author | September 13, 2017

      Have a look at Spectrocoin for a company with a debit card you can use to pull out your BTC>

  2. Shubham TatvamasiShubham Tatvamasi September 11, 2017

    Hi I have a few questions regarding Bitcoin Mining.

    1. What are the best machines to mine Bitcoin?
    2. What new machines are coming for Bitcoin mining?
    3. Is it profitable to mine Bitcoin at this stage?
    4. Should I mine Ethereum?
    5. In how much time I will recover my money back?

    Please give me your best suggestions I am new in cryptocurrency world.

    • Paul CPaul C Post author | September 13, 2017

      Hi there check out my “getting started” section for the answers to your questions. But here’s some more

      1. – Antminers I like
      2. – No idea but normally they just update the models of the existing machines with new features – it depends on the technology
      3. – It *MIGHT* be profitable to mine Bitcoin. I have a link for Genesis mining I’ve been using them for over a year with no problems.
      4. – If you want to it’s making great gains
      5. – That’s a bit of a difficult question, depending on how you mine or the cost of your equipment plus the price of the coins that you mine, so the short answer is I can’t tell you because there are too many variables involved.

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