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How to get offline Bitcoins.

So let’s say that you want to give someone some  Bitcoins but not in a digital fashion.

Well technically you can’t. Bitcoins are purely a digital currency. But you can give someone some paper with the keys they need on them. As long as you point out to them that they need to keep the private keys private, I do remember the story of a news reporter who had a paper based Bitcoin certificate and flashed it to a TV camera, at which point some bright spark who was recording the station managed to get hold of the keys required and took the guys coin. Of course he sent it back later, but it just shows how careful you have to be.

CoinATMRadar shows you where the nearest ATM’s are too you. So you can go and pay with your card and get a paper based “bitcoin certificate”, this can then be transferred to an online or offline wallet. allows you to print your own Bitcoin wallets.

So all in all you can do it but just be careful you don’t let the dog chew the paperwork.

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