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Increased Demand for Bitcoin causes load problems and cyber attacks

Bitcoin hit its new all-time high at $3,018, We have seen Coinbase going offline and even their trading platform.

This week, sources  reported that major bitcoin exchanges including the largest US dollar-based bitcoin exchange Bitfinex and BTC-E fell victim to large-scale distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks that left the two trading platforms unavailable for use temporarily.

Although Bitfinex and its development team mitigated the attack and resolved the issue within an hour since the DDoS attacks were launched, bitcoin trading platforms and exchanges are continuously being targeted by hackers globally.

This might all sound like bad news, but it just ensures the future of Bitcoin by sorting out the wheat from the Chaff. In 5 years time these problems will be a thing of the past which we will not remember as Bitcoin becomes stronger and more powerful.


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