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Kodak launch fantastic blockchain product, stock jumps 44%

I’m so excited for Kodak. A flagging company who looked like their death knoll had been sounded by the advent of digital photography has found a superb application for the blockchain.

One of the huge problems for photographers and image owners is keeping track of their image rights. Kodak is using the Blockchain to create a platform called Kodakone with a coin called KodakCoin. It will crawl the web to monitor and protect the IP of images registered in the system.

This is exactly the sort of thing the blockchain should be used for and represents an incredible demonstration of how it can be used in real life applications.

You can register for information on Kodakcoin on their website and I will definitely be following this very closely.

Apparently, this project is backed by government SEC regulation. This all gives value to the project and starts bringing cryptocurrency into the mainstream. This is a great move for Kodak and for cryptocurrency.

Click here for Kodak’s KodakCoin website.

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