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NHS Ransomware “Pay with Bitcoin” – Hospitals in major crisis.

Here in the UK in a number of hospitals and medical facilities a major incident is in progress after these screens appear, the evil people behind it are asking for Bitcoin for payment. I think that they think that Bitcoin is untraceable. Which in a way it is, but as demonstrated in the Silk Road website (selling drugs and guns etc), it is possible to track down people. Someone, somewhere, knows something. I’m sure the Russian Police, who are also affected will have their very best hackers looking into it.

So what happened?

Well, my sources are telling me some of the code in the virus has come from the US Government and is part of their hacking tools that were leaked out.

Will it affect me?

It could, but only if you are running on a Windows operating system. If you do, make sure you have proper anti-virus set up and working. If you get an email with an attachment you are not expecting DO NOT open it. just delete it, to be honest, if you see the email your anti-virus software is not up to scratch. I personally like AVAST antivirus.

What will it do for Bitcoin?

Well there are two ways this could go, one, it could encourage more people to find out about Bitcoin and how it could be used in their daily lives for GOOD rather than evil.the number of people say “Isn’t that used for money laundering and drugs?”, to which I reply, oh like sterling you mean? I’ll be interested to see how things go but I hope people are intelligent enough to realise that a currency is not the cause of the problem, but people who think putting others lives at risk, including children, to make money is a great thing to do.

How come the NHS was so badly hit?

Lack of funding and investment in proper IT and security, even from here as an IT specialist I can see the thing is a shambles. One trust (and these are quite big) only invested £21,000 in security software, they had masses of legacy systems all sitting not the network just waiting for some hacker to get their software on board.

This is the software I recommend I suggest getting the full version. There is a free version at, which you can upgrade later.

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