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Pizza with Bitcoin!

I’m sure my friends must be really bored with me going on and on about Bitcoin, but it must be rubbing off! Because yesterday the band I’m in shared Pizza, and one of my friends said “I’ve not got cash do you want Bitcoin?”, There and then with our phones, my friend put his money toward Pizza. Meanwhile the other band members watched my point my phone at his QR code and get the money.

I know, this might seem like a small thing. But it is the realisation that this is real.

Open Bazaar

So I was thinking how much better ebay would be if it was based on bitcoins, so I found a peer to peer “ebay” type thing called “Open Bazaar“, so you basically download a client and set up your page, it’s very very easy and I’ve just put up some guitar/mandolin lessons payable by Bitcoin!

Bitcoin is about community, world wide community, the more things we do with it, the more widely it will become known and used. Imagine being able to go abroad and not have to change your money into the local currency, just paying with one, world wide currency (no it’s not the EURO!).

Bitcoin Mining

I’m going to talk more about Mining tomorrow and review my 4 different mining platforms.

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