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Reflections of a Crypto-enthusiast.

I consider myself a bit of a Crypto success, I can honestly say that cryptocurrency has changed my life and that of my family for the better. Not that my cat get’s better cat food, but that I have to worry less about if I can afford it – they were hard times. I live on a boat and I’m currently at a boat festival where I’m really enjoying it.

So what changed? Firstly, I found more work from people investing or interested in crypto, secondly my crypto investments, once I’d learned that not everything out there is safe – and the more ludicrous it sounds, the more  likely it’s a scam, made me very streetwise. When I started writing this blog I lost a lot of money investing in things to test them and finding that they were either upfront scams, or after a while the sites would close down and run off with my money. That anger and frustration drove me to work further with crypto to try, in my own small way, to make it a safer place.

So now, I’m buying stuff using to Amazon with crypto, I regularly buy gift cards from GiftOff and go off to Amazon and by myself those presents that us musicians really like. I  use Skrill and even fund my trading account when I need to from Crypto. I prefer to get paid in Bitcoin/Ethereum because I feel more comfortable about it’s honesty. The fact I know that there is only so much of it and none of it is based on debt or interest.

When I first started of-course all my friends got VERY board with me wittering on about how great Crypto was, how awesome the blockchain that drives it is, how it can be used for so much good. Now they look at me with a very very different attitude, some are curious, some have even bought some Bitcoin. Since I started this blog however many years ago, I’ve noticed that Trading platforms are carrying crypto, governments have settled down on the whole idea (mainly because a lot of officials probably own a lot of crypto, why shoot yourself in the foot?).

So we live in very exciting times, I would love the whole world to run on Bitcoin. I’d love everyone to experience owning their own currency rather than just some promissory note issued by a government, that overnight can become worthless.

If everyone used crypto we would control our own destiny, because the value of Bitcoin would be simply controlled by supply and demand.

Lastly a thank you. Thanks to you my readers for making this blog such a success. I’ve been quite surprised just how many do read it and comment on the posts. Great job readers.

Onwards, to all our success!.

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