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Richmond Berks, the Scam I never even Tested

Only yesterday these scammers were sending out their well put together emails claiming that you could withdraw, they also claimed to have conferences and people in T-Shirts, it was a very convincing and elaborate scam.

The site was hosted on cloud flare which to be honest for me is a good sign of a scam, and the NSLOOKUP is protected.

At the moment the website simply gives the shameful “File not found” report.

They lasted about a month or two, I hope they feel guilty scamming people.

All the video reviews on the site people submitted were in fact $5 site reviews anyone can pay for. It was a very clever Ponzi scheme. If you would have gotten in early you’d have been paid, this fuelled the excitement until bang and it’s gone!

This guy actually helped them scam thousands of people.

Their phone number was 1 (888) 881-58-08 – it’s dead of course.

I think for fun I’ll try and track him down…

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