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The Blockchain Account Scam – Meet Helpful Thomas.

Just imagine you were offered 2 BTC Free to a blockchain account. Wow. What sort of saint would offer you this? For nothing?

Well here he is!

PLEASE DO NOT GO ALONG WITH ANYONE OFFERING YOU FREE BITCOIN. I went along with this because I know what I’m doing. Here’s actually what happened on my FB chat.

So Helpful Thomas started off by telling me I needed to get a new Blockchain account and give him my recovery phrases. This rung enormous alarm bells. No real Bitcoin miner needs any more than your receiving address. So at this point I knew it was a scam, but  I thought I’d go along with it so I sent him over a lovely empty Blockchain account.

He then told me he’d send me 2BTC *WOW* I’m so impressed! He even showed me a screen shot of my account with the money in it!

But wait, when I checked the account it still had $1.62 in it. Where’s my 2BTC? Where’s my holiday and new car? 

Oh – he announces, I have to deposit a transaction fee of $1000 before my money is available. 

So here’s what would ACTUALLY happen (don’t worry, I didn’t deposit it). He would take my $1000 and run away, run far far away, or maybe he’d actually ask for MORE money. 

There is no such thing as a free lunch, there’s always a catch and this is it. Got ya scammer.

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