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Trade Coin Club – Do NOT register

If you are the sort of person that likes losing not only your personal details but your money, this one is for you.

I have NEVER seen a site that asks for your ID before even telling you what it is. DO NOT give your ID, it’s bad enough giving personal information.

They want a LOT of Bitcoin to test it out. I can pretty much guarantee this one is  a scam.

1. No Contact Details or Address
2. No Details of exactly how they make money, although I 
think they sell your details on, that would probably help.
3. Nothing to give me ANY confidence I will get anything back.

It’s a no from me!

I’m not even giving you the link people, they want a lot of money and there is nothing, no guarantees or anything.

Anyone who GAMBLES at this site is sure to receive very little/nothing back except many phone calls and perhaps a loss of money or identity.

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