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Visualising the Blockchain

So I found this interesting visual view of the blockchain you can test it out at It’s of no real use! But quite entertaining. To add I had to refresh my browser after the initial load to get it to work.

Teaching the Next Generation

Both my daughters now have Bitcoin accounts, while I was out with them the other day I actually sent some money from my phone to theirs. This whole experience brought quite a lot of surprise to them. I was quite excited to explain to them that they could buy stuff on amazon and even in the local supermarkets with bitcoin using gift vouchers. But the principles behind Bitcoin are actually way more exciting than that.

I am a financial anarchist. I believe we should remove our finance control from centralised system. Incidentally I don’t keep most of my bitcoins on Blockchain or any of the other online wallets, only my “spending” bitcoins, the rest are stored on various computers. What is the point of de-centralising a currency and then proceeding to centralise it on to an online system?

What was so cool about this experience is my kids are 17 and 14, there was no bank checks, no id checks, they simply set up a wallet on their phones!

The Fork Debacle continues

I notice more discussions on the whole forking thing, which made me chuckle, one youtube video guy really didn’t know what was going to happen on the “FORK”. But it’s nothing to worry about – bitcoins at the moment have the largest 80% share in the crypto currency market. Even if it did fork out and the fork took over from Bitcoin we could move to the new fork – personally I recommend sticking with the biggest form of Cryptocurrency.


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