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Voting with the Blockchain? The UK Election.

I live here in the UK and it’s voting day, the whole thing is quite tedious and paper based, it involves going to a polling station, filling in a form, waiting for the counters to count them, waiting for the results etc.

I have been wondering about having a blockchain based voting system. Here in the UK everyone eligible to vote will have an NHS number and they all get sent a card with a code on it – so what if we basically made the code on the card like a private key and the NHS number there public key. We have the “organisation or government” have an account in the blockchain for each of the voting options, when a person “spends” their vote then their private key becomes used, the details are stored in the blockchain and we can have live online counting.

If it was open source then anyone needing to run an election could go ahead and use it – it would be distributed and need mining occurs, so we’d have to have a way to reward miners, but you could technically examine the blockchain and say “50,000” people voted at this time at this date for this candidate, simple, easy and what’s best is it doesn’t require us going anywhere to do it. Of course at the deadline the unused “coin” would be invalidated.



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