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Warning page….. – I keep saying it.


I am going to simply quote my warning page.

Any information on these pages is purely for education purposes, figures and numbers can be wrong and investors/users should beware that this currency is unregulated by any government and is basically run by many many computers over the internet. So take care when putting money into bitcoins and do DUE DILIGENCE on any website. The sites I have on this one have been tested by me BUT that is no guarantee of their reliability in the future, as with the price of any currency your investment/savings may go down or up in value with respect to other currencies.

In a way I feel that because we all own Bitcoin it is secure, because in jeopardising it we jeopardise ourselves.

Short Version

If you do things on this website – it’s at your OWN RISK. I only put my own experiences and these may differ from yours, especially if it is an older post, remember Ponzi schemes might pay now, but they will probably stop paying at some point. So everything on this site is for Education only!

Be careful and be safe! Make sure you have good antivirus and protection on your computers and mobile phones ESPECIALLY if you are an android/pc user.

As regards splititmining which appears to be down. I put my experiences up, again, I invested, it paid out for months and seemed real and secure. If you can’t afford to lose what you put in to .. ANY INVESTMENT EVEN IF IT’S NOT BITCOINS

You must NOT Invest.

If you wish to post a bitcoin address it may be that some people will make a donation to those who have lost money with Splititmining, but as for me. I have CLEARLY warned people.



  1. HenriHenri June 5, 2017

    SplititMining got me hands down at one of the worst times. Brand new investor with hopes of making some extra cash, invested $27 to check it out and a day later they go offline. I watched them for 2 months before taking the plunge. I by no way hold you or anyone else responsible for it, was my own choice to invest. But yeah…. if anyone is kind enough to help me make the investment back, please can you donate to 1yDYpnKbvM64od4cCqjztY7kvgmJTaLLw. If you have a site where the investments actually pay back, please let me know so I can reinvest somewhere else. Thanks guys!

  2. VenkatVenkat June 5, 2017

    Splititmining has taken everything off me : 2850 USD . I am all gone,Helpless.

    all the bits were invested: ACC BAL: NULL.

    please help me.

    Donate few bit would work ! all of you there i can show my sceenshots too.

    Please donate: 3HMUVwdvtMiFEtrAfzxZZpdvTscMF45LPz

    May JESUS bless you ALL. PLease understand my problem. donate few bits.
    I can show you my screen shots of buying with 1 year of hard money

    HELP! #splititmining

    • Paul CPaul C Post author | June 5, 2017

      I hope they read this but I doubt they will.

    • HenriHenri June 5, 2017

      Really I’d help if I could 🙁 I put all my BTC in the site, now it’s gone… I know what you are feeling… Sorry to hear bud..

  3. TanTan June 5, 2017

    Hello there..

    I am also part of those people who have been scammed, and before investing in this site I wondered if it was legit and if I was at risk..

    I knew I saw other users making payments and so it seemed very reliable and I invested $ 400!

    If the site did not disappear I would have recovered everything in 3 months, but these assholes as you already know, have disappeared with a fake update and with the money of many people !!!

    If you want help me to recover at least half of what I miss will thank you a lot!

    This is my wallet, feel free to donate:

  4. TanTan June 5, 2017

    Thank you Paul for your blog and the opportunity to receive donations, it is a good act of solidarity.. ☺️

  5. baakbaak June 5, 2017

    Temporarily no free bitcoins on my site

    Because I paid this with SplititMining

    Started at (For people who want to help me please use my referral link)
    But unfortunately here only 385 gh / s

    And at SplititMining 10000 GH / s.
    This was enough to give everyone bitcoins.
    Unfortunately, I lost € 500 euros.

    But just keep going 🙂

  6. TanTan June 8, 2017

    Wow, so far the number of donations received is zero hahah


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