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Wealthy Affiliate

So many people who visit my site are looking to make extra income, Bitcoins or not. So I’ve started using this site called Wealthy Affiliate.

It comes with training, support and tools to help you build your own online website and make money from it, frankly it’s just brilliant. Unfortunately they don’t take Bitcoins but if you want to make an online income I’m sure you could build a site from it that did.

The presentation is really great and uses web  training and videos to take even the absolute beginner right through to the fully fledged webmaster. But it’s not just training, they have tools to actually build and run the website, they teach you how to do search engine optimisation and even now I’m getting comments on my goals.

So what do you get?

Well there is a Free membership (which I recommend you try), but the full membership provides:-

  • HOURS AND HOURS of training in how to build a website that makes money
  • HOURS AND HOURS of training in internet marketing
  • Keywords tools
  • SEO Tools
  • Website building tools USING WORDPRESS (which is the platform this website is built on)
  • A huge group of people willing to help and advise you 24/7
  • They Give you the WHOLE HOSTING PACKAGE you need – so it’s not just education it’s the WHOLE SYSTEM.

Frankly, for the money the premium membership is cheap and I think that anyone who is willing to study using this site and get the support from it WILL make money. Of course that’s not a guarantee, but this is WAY better than any of the scams I’ve been unfortunate enough to try in the last weeks.

Even though I am a programmer/web designer, I just know that I will learn useful things with this site, in fact I’m about 1/2 way through the second training and I’ve already found out something I didn’t know about making money with Amazon.

I can’t recommend this site enough.

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