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Who can we complain to when scammed? Does anyone even care?

Yesterday I had a message from Aaman and I think he shares the frustration we all feel when scammed.

hello, My reason to contact here is to ask you rather also inform you which you must be knowing , regarding the biggest SCAM as taken place in this week , Richmond berks, coinfactory , and coinexpro, so I would like to ask you don”t we have any source to complain they should be punish and Government takes there cash out from there account cash bitcoin, dollars looted in thousands ,,,they should have some catch so when ever this scammer does this scam we can contavt them and complain and action against them takes place and they just cannot hid or steal cash the money of members and enjoy life .

so please send some contact or if you can for word this type of complain and take a note of this scam and help us to punish this frauds cheaters,

My Regards

I know how you feel. 

So what can we actually do, after all Bitcoin is not regulated?

  • Stop promoting them – if there are any signs that it’s  a scam, like a contact address that is obviously rubbish
  • If they are a UK Limited Company – you can complain Click Here for Link, if enough people complain to the serious fraud squad/insolvency office they will be shut down, having a UK Limited company really means nothing unless they have submitted accounts
  • KEEP RECORDS of what you paid, and who to – any information is valuable as once the site is gone it’s difficult to trace people
  • I am always posting on the Bitcoin forum and others on facebook when someone advertises a scam
  • Learn from your mistakes! If it looks too good to be true, it probably is, just because they use Bitcoins doesn’t mean they have magical power to make huge interest
  • “JUST LAUNCHED” is bad news, that means that it’s probably a scam, if it’s been running for 3 years, it’s probably not

Scammers you should be shamed

The problem with this is innocent people are being scammed for their money, people who often are investing in these things because they are desperate to get an income and make their families lives better, you won’t find wealthy people investing in these scams because they understand that these things take time. NOT ONE of these scams I have put money into has EVER paid out, only the mining sites, Genesis, Splitit and EOBOT have ever paid me and are reliable, but their income is slow, it’s low profit. 

Don’t give up on Cryptocurrency, just learn that we need to use it for good, and that is not get rich quick schemes that just rob people.

You are enough.





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