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Whole World Biz – Not Bitcoin but Interesting

I’ve decided to expand my repertoire of this site to include things that are interesting that might not be Bitcoin based. Don’t worry, I’ll still be doing mostly Bitcoin things – but it’s difficult to find anything that doesn’t look mildly scammy. It doesn’t take long before I work out the thing looks like a scam.

SO I’ve been Checking out Whole World Biz. Now, it’s Russian which normally gets my alarm bells going before I start, which is a shame because I’ve now come to know a few Russians and they are actually pretty decent people, the media portrays people in a certain way and we unconsciously take it on without realising that, in fact, the people are nothing like that at all.

So EVERYTHING checks out on this site, it’s been running since 2014. It’s goal is to raise money for children whilst providing a sort of “chain letter” investment platform. It’s very open, it has all the right contact details, people from all over the world are signing up. However it *COULD* be a honey pot scam.

I’ve put in my $100 start up fee.  I’m just waiting for it to process, but check it out. It looks very interesting and probably is well worth the $100 risk. Now be prepared for some Russian promotion stuff.

So so far it looks good. I’m going to put it out here. As I always say, make sure YOU are happy before Risking any money – this is a medium risk investment in my view and nice to work with our Russian brothers and sisters.  I am pretty impressed with the children that have been helped by this system. I do hope it is real, because if it is it’s like the Lottery here in the UK but with out the high risk. You know the National Lottery in my view is one of the biggest scams out there. But it does a lot of good. However I think that if people invested as much as they do in that in a business or Bitcoin they’d do far better.

So I’ve gone for the $100 investment and $30 for the Business Plan thing where they basically give you a slot in the advertising which saves me referring.


Ok done some more digging, quite a few videos on youtube of people saying how good it is. Plus I discovered they give you a free RU domain so I’ve got and a landing page. Which is pretty sweet.

I’m getting more convinced this is not a scam, but I think in another week I’ll be satisfied. Probably worth a go.

To add

The site actually says that one of it’s functions is to provide cash for kids, there are a number of children on the site that have been helped by this charity, they are in Russia, fine, but they are still children. If it does what it says it’s a worthy cause and would explain why it’s been running from 2014.

Update 9th October 2 weeks in

Ok I used their “Internal advertising things” and  so far have 2 referrals. But no earnings yet, but it’s early days. I actually think this one is ok even though it’s Russian. They are actually helping children in need which warms the heart.


Love and Design

At the moment I’m not taking Bitcoin on my store at but this is just temporary as I’m getting the Limited Company functional. 🙁 Still worth a look and if you DO want to pay in Bitcoin I’m sure something can be arranged just get in touch!

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