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Why countries legalising Bitcoin is bothering me.

I am a financial anarchist. I love the thought that we could take back control of money. That back to the days when we all had gold or pebbles, or even our own things to trade with and governments just made laws and enforced justice. (was there ever such a time).

I note with interest the way that governments are “legalising” Bitcoin, in some ways that’s good, because it will encourage acceptance. But on the other hand it worries me that they may try and take control of it. Ok, I know that technically you can never take control of Bitcoin because of it’s structure. But I expect that those government officials simply don’t understand this.

We are brought up to believe in centralised financial systems and interest, debts and loans, which is why Bitcoin scams are all so successful, they are successful because the fiat world has taught us there SHOULD be those things. Bitcoin’s nature and structure teaches those things are “bad”. Bitcoin’s structure is there are this many Bitcoins and people own them. There are no Bitcoins that are not owned. Unlike fractional reserve banking where there is money made out of thin air, or quantitive easing which is the same thing.

So if governments start legalising Bitcoin, is that simply another word for “taking control” is it simply recognising that Bitcoin is a “Thing” and bringing it under regulation, some people think Bitcoin needs regulation. But does it? or do we need to learn what it is to be responsible ourselves, to be free ourselves with our currency?

I’m really interested in people’s thoughts.

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