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YesMyBitcoin – $10 investment

Ok, so I was contacted by this Russian guy on facebook, seems genuine, and in chatting with him, he talked about “Yes my Bitcoin“, I’ve checked through it and it seems to have been going since 2016 (yay!), it’s also on a .net domain which is good because it means there are good registration details. Even though I can’t see them because they have Namecheap whois blocker.

Now this one is new to me, it’s apparently a “matrix” structure (although it looks more to me like a pyramid), but it’s forced into a geometrical progression type structure. To join in the “fun”, you just invest $10 USD worth of Bitcoin, where you buy a pack,  or debit card, it took my a while, because I have had stuck transactions but eventually I got it to do it.

Worth a look I think, more than other things but I wonder how long it will last. So HIGH risk folks, but $10 investment? seems a little risk for some good returns.


I’m testing this site so will provide results shortly.

I think it’s worth trying with a $10 investment, it’s increasing nicely so my view give it a go! Worth half a meal out!


Well because it’s a forced matrix I’ve got $100 worth of people already! 🙂 Basically because my “sponsor” has been getting people to join under him.

My advice, if you want to make some money and don’t mind risking $10 worth a go.





  1. Adesiyan olanrewaju Solomon Adesiyan olanrewaju Solomon September 8, 2017

    Hello Paul, I want to know if yesmybitcoin is still available and function. Is it a scam or safe to invest in. Your comment will be a guide for me. Thanks

    • Paul C Paul C Post author | September 8, 2017

      HI there the site is offline – in my view it’s a scam. The reason being a. it has no products and b. If you don’t complete the matrix so if you get people sign up who don’t pay under you, you don’t get any money back from the matrix. Steer clear.

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