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Three Cheers for Spectiv VR

And, of Course, the Presale Buyers Changing VR Forever

If you haven’t heard of Spectiv VR, we’re not mad. But you should start paying attention, because of this VR streaming platform—think Twitch but for VR content creators and crypto/blockchain lovers—is about to really leverage VR’s presence across the marketplace. Plus, just like how Twitch and YouTube have created endless careers for content creators, so too will Spectiv VR.

Here’s another tip: if you haven’t heard of Sutton Stone, start watching them, too. They’re about to become a major name in entertainment and media. Sutton Stone helped execute Spectiv VR’s presale, which was a pretty slamming success. Spectiv VR was backed by a series of qualified and compliant investors, and every transaction has been verified by Baker Tilly.

In total, Spectiv VR’s Signal Tokens were sold for a total of 3,548 ETH, 32 BTC, and $58,000 USD. We’ll just say that’s some pretty serious BTC and leave it at that. The Spectiv VR presale has made Spectiv’s Signal Tokens incredibly valuable—which means advertisers are going to come running.

Spectiv VR seamlessly and anonymously connects advertisers with content creators and viewers using a decentralized, blockchain powered network. That means viewers can engage with ads without parting with their personal info, and content creators can be rewarded simultaneously using Signal Tokens.

Right now, the Signal Tokens presale proceeds are being used to transform the Spectiv VR platform into a mammoth titan ready to take immersive storytelling and media experience to the next level—but that’s just the beginning.

If you’re looking to ride the blockchain wave, experience VR in a meaningful way, or start a career as a content creator with unlimited potential with advertisers, you can get involved with Spectiv VR starting December 8th, 2017—when the open token sale starts.

Until then, let your imagination run wild. VR is taking over, and Spectiv VR is at the helm. To learn more, go online to, today!


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