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April Youtube Blogger of the Month – Trevon James

I’ve been watching Trevor’s Trevon’s videos for some time now and to be honest they are some of the most honest videos about Bitcoin on Youtube, some of the earlier videos do contain swearing so I don’t play them when my cat is around because he get’s a bit sensitive. Trevon struggles with the same thing I do with friends and family wondering what on earth this “Bitcoin Thang” is.

He also has his own SKIN on the Exodus wallet I was raving about yesterday. Anyway, somehow he posts a new video every day and does give away FREE CryptoCurrency which is a great idea that I’m sure I’ll do when I’m feeling  a bit more generous, I do have a slight problem that whenever I type Trevor Trevon my autocorrect turns it into Trevor, which has been more than annoying.

Troven’s Exodus Skin (I actually use Space because I love EVE ONLINE)

Another thing I REALLY like is his detailed analysis of Genesis Mining and using different crypto-currencies to make money by trading them and when his son starts making burbling noises in the background.

So highly recommended, the link to his Youtube channel is below.

Trevor Trevon is our first Youtuber of the month. If you have anyone you particularly like please comment here or send a contact, and yes you can promote yourself and no I don’t want videos about scam sites.

Don’t talk to me unless it’s about intagible coins, PEACE!



  1. NickNick January 17, 2018

    Trevon James is a scammer. Bitconnect was seen as a ponzi months ago

    • UK Bitcoinblog.comUK Post author | January 17, 2018

      Yeah this post was a loong time ago! If Bitconnet is a scam (in fact it could be shut down by the Texas authorities shortly) we shall see, personally I kept away from it from an ethical perspective that actually Crypto is about an honest, fair system of money that doesn’t involve interest or debt, and that’s the way I want it to stay.

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